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Status: Active & Producing
Current Projects - Upgrading Controls, and turbines.

Brighton is a FERC licensed, small medium head Public Water Supply site that will produces about 1.4 -1.6 GWH per year. Davis Hydro is a partner in KC Brighton LLC and currently has a 49% interest in the return from the site. Davis Hydro is responsible for the PPA, operation and all engineering.  It is currently undergoing major mechanical overhaul.  Full output from both turbines was reached in the early spring of 2010.

This project is operated by KC Brighton LLC a partnership of Sackheim Consulting and Davis Hydro LLC.  It is one of several ongoing projects being done as part of this partnership.  See the KC Brighton section of kchydro.com for a discussion of ongoing work under KC Brighton. 

This project is located in the Brighton dam in Montgomery County, Maryland on a water supply dam of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.

Pictures of the site are available here.

Initial work on the site started at in September 2009.  The site was running on only one generator at about 98 kW.  Work increased that to 112, by replacing the draft tube to turbine 1.  Major rebuilding began in December 2009.  Work consisted of rebuilding and remachining the runner, replacing bearings, and reseating the turbine height in the throat ring.  Other engineering work (ongoing in Spring 2010) includes installing a new control system, replace electrical parts, and bearing water cleaning system.  Currently, in late spring 2010, we are generating at 300 kW. 

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission has been very helpful and cooperative with this restoration effort.   There is no aspect of this project that has not been made easier by the WSSC staff. We express our gratitude and state that without their help, our work would not be possible. 

Current work - being primarily undertaken by KC Brighton LLC, is to get more favorable rates including RECs,  and to complete the FERC Dam Safety Reports, and on-site operational documentation.




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