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The Brighton Site is on the Brighton dam belonging to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.  They control all day to day operations.

For Pictures of the start of work when we first took possession of the lease at the dam, see the first tear-down (Sept 2009) - click here

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Brighton Dam - Looking North West

Barely visible in at the top are the guard shack and the two rows of barbed wire.  Hydropower parking and tailrace are shown.  The powerhouse is inside the dam to the right of the blue car.

The site is behind two barbed wire fences, a guard house, and full time TV surveillance.

Looking South-East

The hydropower is behind and below the gray walls to the immediate left of the orange tractor.

Dam Internals looking up

This shows the two US Motors 186 kW. generators and the entrance stairs. 

The control room is upstairs behind the catwalk.   Turbine 1 is now (May. 2010) generating about 150 kW.  We have increased this from 112 kW by replacing bearings, bearing cooling water,  and reducing runner clearances.

North side of powerhouse

The stairs come down on the right.

This shows turbine 2 to the left and turbine 1 beyond.  Turbine 1 was disassembled in September 2009. pictures are shown here.  We also reinstalled the draft tube to turbine 1 which had fallen off many years before.

Conduit 1 Needle Valve

Two manually operated needle valves.


These bypass the turbines and are used for maintaining minimum flow.

Control Panel

This picture is taken before the modifications to the electrical equipment had started.

A new control system is being put in place in 2010.

Control Valve

The two hydraulic control valves are motorized gate valves.  They work automatically.

The Byron-Jackson turbines are 178 hp. with the runners below the floor level.  The controllers are being upgraded in 2010 with the assistance of the WSSC.

Lifting Rings

There are a series of these rings in the ceiling to provide lift to support the turbines and generators.  


These were used in the installation and have been used repeatedly in the maintenance of the site.

Bearing Water Filter

The original water supply fIltering for the bearings.


This water filtration system was partially replaced in early 2010. Currently, (May 2010) we are instrumenting the system.


Additional pictures can be found at the Brighton section of WWW.KChydro.com.








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